“Imagining The Blogosphere” Reflection

I found the reading, “Imagining The Blogosphere’” to bring up some fairly interesting points about a subject we’ve learned a lot about lately. Modern day mainstream media can skew people’s attention and interpretations on current events and spread misinformation indirectly. I felt like this text did contain some unnecessary information for whatever reason, although it wasn’t as bad in this aspect as last week’s assigned reading. 

I have come to notice that a lot of reading assigned in classes contains at least some of this “fluff” material whether it’s to extend the length, present a seemingly more intelligent perspective, or whatever other reason people may do this. I think a concise, “short, sweet, and to-the-point” style of writing is superior to articles, essays, and other texts that are filled with irrelevant sentences or even paragraphs. 

I think the main thing hurting the success of new in the blogosphere is lack of convenient availability when compared to more common forms of news and media. It’s much easier to flip on the TV or grab a 50¢ newspaper while you’re at the store than search out blogs reporting on current events. So while it is arguable that blogs can be a more effective means of providing information, the inability to do it as easily holds back the popularity of people reading blogs commonly. 

I personally am not a fan of most sources of standard news media. I think that most sources work too hard promoting their own values and opinions to reliably provide the most relevant information. News sources like FOX and CNN are especially obnoxious in this area. While blogs in a way provide more freedom to what information is put forward, every view point receives representation and all the most prevalent events are mentioned. 

I think it is important to recognize the importance of more of the less popular bloggers in the blogosphere, since they can offer viewpoints that may not be available from larger sources. Promoting growth in the blogging community is an integral part of keeping people interested and the more prevalent sources available, the more ground is covered through this online form of news. 

In conclusion, I think that it’s important to increase awareness of blogs as a news source as they provide many benefits that standard media like news shows and newspapers do not. Mainstream media can often be biased and deceitful in the way they present information about current events and there is a limited number of common sources, but in the blogosphere people of all kinds of different backgrounds and perspectives can present information from their point of view, and with thousands of blogs to view you know you’ll get every prevalent piece of information out there and see every opinion. 


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