“Imagining The Blogosphere” Notes


According to a study done by the Perseus Development Company, the vast majority of blogs are no longer in use. This causes a sort of “iceberg effect”, in that only a small portion of blogs are normally viewed by the public. The “blogosphere” is an example of an imagined community in which people don’t really know each other yet interact in a variety of ways. Many people believe that the online format of the blogosphere is superior to standard forms of media like news print due to the fact that the most prominent news is what the community finds to be most important, rather than what a private source deems the most prevalent. This freedom allows members of the blogosphere to feel more impactful by more directly affecting other people’s thoughts and lives. The importance of the less popular bloggers can’t be understated either and should be recognized as the important piece of the blogosphere that they are. 


Main Idea:

The blogosphere provides a unique view point on current events and other important information when compared to other forms of media. 

Key Terms:

The Blogging Iceberg: A study performed by the Perseus Development Company on the popularity of online blogs. 

Imagined Communities: A work by Benedict Anderson in which he claims, “all communities large than primordial villages (and perhaps even these) are imagined.” 

Joshua Marshall: A blogger pivotal in bringing awareness to inappropriate statements by Trent Lott. 

Trent Lott: A former Senate minority leader. 

Clay Shirky: Author of “Power Laws, Weblogs, and Inequality.” 


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