“Why Blog?” Notes


student’s passion for writing can be stifled by the strict and rigid curriculum of most school systems. Things such as deadlines, word counts, and specified topics can strangle a student’s desire to write, causing what they generally find entertaining to feel more like a burden. Reid’s solution to this problem? Blogging. Blogging presents students a much more fluid and flexible opportunity to practice their ability to craft quality pieces of writing. According to Reid, once you ignite an internal passion for writing, you can translate it towards writing academically, and for some, even professionally. Blogging has exploded in popularity since the 1990s with the introduction of sites such as Blogger, cutting out the requirement of a tech savvy hand to be able to share information through a blog of your own. Blogging provides freedom to a student’s creativity, allowing them the chance to better their creative writing skills. While blogging likely can’t be the answer for every student, it might help set you on the right path towards a successful future in writing or whatever you choose to pursue. 


Main Ideas & Key Terms:

Main Idea:

Blogging is a useful tool to better the writing ability of students and workers alike.

Key Terms:

Expert: According to Malcolm Gladwell, an expert is someone who has dedicated at least 10,000 hours to a specific skill.

Blogger: The first mainstream blogging site, developed by Pyra Labs.

Technorati.com: A website for the purpose of indexing blogs that has seen heavy use since 2002.

Individual Blog: Most independent form of a blog for class, with minimal requirements such as a minimum post amount and word count.

Disqus: A social media site where people can create an account that will be usable universally among all associated blog sites.


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